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Узнай тайну фамилии [06 Mar 2011|12:44pm]

Daniel Radcliffe on E! online! [14 Sep 2008|06:35pm]

Well, Daniel Radcliffe made headlines once again regarding the naked Equus promo photo. This time it's on E! online!

See video here.

There's only one small catch...

The photo is fake!

You would think that a well respected site like E! online would do a little investigating before proclaiming such rubbish!

If you'd like to know the Real truth, come check it out and decide for yourself.

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Celebrities Clothes: Same dress Disaster [10 Jul 2008|04:01pm]

Stepping out in the exact same dress as another celeb is nearly as bad as accidentally flashing something... you should not flash.
What do you think? Are the dressed-the-same celebs fashion victims?

Personally I think celebs should choose something less famous than traditional Chanel, Valentino, etc more often to avoid this situation.
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Celebrities before and after Marriage [29 Feb 2008|04:45pm]


click for the full-view

Found this one on the Before and after Marriage website. Cool idea!)
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Bad Plastic Surgery for Joan Van Arc [05 Dec 2007|02:47pm]

The woman turns into a real monster. It's not a photoshoped picture. THIS IS TRUE. Van Ark emerged at a Hollywood event at the weekend wearing a mask of makeup, but even that couldn't hide her blotchy skin and shocking zombie-like appearance.

That's how she used to look... and the monster she's now. Click on the pic to see the large one and close shots of the horrible "after" face.

joan van arc plastic surgery

Why can't people learn a simple thing - plastic surgery is still in "beta testing"... Even if you are a celeb, it can turn into a nightmare.
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Amazing changes for Hillary Clinton [03 Dec 2007|02:57pm]

Only a year or two ago, Hillary had droopy eyelids, a tired look, and under eye-bags. Hillary also had deep lines and wrinkles. Moreover, Hillary Clinton had a little slack skin in the neck and moderate jowling in the jawline. Now, there is a whole new topography on Hillary's youthful face. Hillary’s eyes look refreshed, wider and more open, and the eyelids are no longer droopy as they were before.

She looks much younger!

<a href="http://plasticsergeant.com/home/celebrity/lip/hillary-clinton#_iUtbdhkLdJTuFOK2GKiGA"><img src="http://plasticsergeant.com/uploads/zd/hn/zdhn99_huQv3z3kmkI4vNQ/thumb-hillary-clinton.jpg"/></a>
(click for the full-size)

What does that mean? Politics starting to follow celebrity plastic surgery rush?
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Marion Cotilllard at the 17th Annual GOTHAM AWARDS, Steiner Studios, NYC, 11/27/2007 [01 Dec 2007|01:09am]



You can see the rest of the pics in their original size (pretty huge) at the m_cotillard community
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J.K.Rowling and plastic Surgery Miracles [28 Nov 2007|04:47pm]


(click to see full-size)

The writer says that it's because she has put on some weight... Personally I think she knows some kind of magic.... or a good plastic surgeon)
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Russian Stylist SuperStar [22 Nov 2007|12:30pm]


Oh my God this is just horrible...
Is a face or what? and THIS is a male.

But... he's very popular in Russia...
He's almost a superstar there. Why? It's disgusting...

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Nicole Kidman Awful Botox? [12 Oct 2007|03:34pm]


 >> Fullsize Pics <<

What do you guys think? Is it really bad botox injections, or something else?

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